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    Chihuly Workshop celebrates artist Dale Chihuly’s innovation, imagination, and bold creative spirit. Originally established in 1992 as Portland Press, a small company dedicated to publishing books about Chihuly’s art, it eventually began to produce and distribute Chihuly’s Studio Editions and prints as well. Over the years, we have extended the scope of our work by collaborating with Chihuly on a wide range of projects, from books, films, and stationery to limited edition blankets produced by Pendleton Woolen Mills.

    Today, Chihuly Workshop is a place for the lively exchange of ideas. Our mission is to provide an environment that fosters dialogue, exploration, and experimentation for creative projects. Welcome to Chihuly Workshop.

  • Feature | Glass

    2017 Studio Editions

    Workshop Glass

    Every year, Chihuly Workshop collaborates with Dale Chihuly to create four Studio Editions. Each piece is drawn from one of the distinctive series of works he’s created throughout his career.

    Vibrant and dynamic, the Studio Editions are offered through museums, galleries, and other organizations across the country and abroad as well as at the Workshop. All Editions are handblown, signed by the artist, and accompanied by a Plexiglas vitrine and black base for display.

    Studio Editions vary in size, color, and shape. Small blemishes or imperfections in the glass are part of the glassblowing process and add to the individual characteristics
    of each piece. 

  • Feature | Prints

    Workshop Prints

    Chihuly’s enjoyment in the spontaneous act of drawing has led to his continued pursuit of traditional printmaking; like his drawings, the prints offer collectors an intimate and alternative connection to his work in glass.

    These original limited edition prints reveal his unique sensibility and highlight the artist’s unmistakable drawing style. All Chihuly Workshop original limited edition prints are signed by Chihuly and numbered.

  • Feature | Publishing

    Workshop Books & DVDs

    Chihuly Workshop is the largest resource for books and films about the work of Dale Chihuly. We’ve created titles that cover almost every facet of Chihuly’s artistic vision—
    from books that follow the development of a single series to documentaries that span
    his entire career. 

    It’s the intense attention to detail and commitment to a process in designing and printing our titles that make everything we’ve published unique and beautiful in its own right.

    Books & DVDs

  • Feature | Merchandise

    Workshop Merchandise

    When it comes to merchandise, we try to look for projects that are far from the expected, from books to games for children, Pendleton blankets, and shirts made from 100 percent recycled materials.

    And this speaks to who we are: it’s the Workshop’s goal to work with our community here in the Northwest and always to keep an eye toward achieving sustainability and helping to build a better place around us. Everything we do here is something that we believe in and hope will delight you.

Current events
Viola's Reeds

Viola’s Reeds captures Chihuly’s spontaneous approach to work on paper while revisiting the Reed form he created in Finland in 1995.

Chihuly Pendleton Blanket No. 13 and Blanket No. 14

Inspired by designs from Chihuly’s Cylinders, our blankets celebrate the patterns, colors and Native American traditions evident in Chihuly’s artwork.