Chihuly Baskets

Chihuly Baskets

Quite possibly the most renowned of Chihuly’s series, these graceful forms were first developed in 1977. As Chihuly stated in 1990, “Baskets was the first series that I did that really took advantage of the molten properties of the glassblowing process. Now, for the first time, I really felt I was breaking new ground with an ancient technique.” These seemingly effortless sculptures first began in muted colors, typical to the Native American baskets after which they were named, gradually evolving in color and size. This edition is illustrated throughout with handsome full-color images selected by the artist, representing a wide range of these projects.

Baskets, Putti, and Chandeliers & Towers are the first three books in a collectable set of ten. Specific only to one series, these titles chronicle the renowned artist's glass sculptures. Certainly compact in appearance but not in content, each book within the collection boasts 112 pages comprised of images reflective of the series after which they are named. View the making of a Chandelier, learn about the mischievous Putti, and become immersed in the classic beauty of the Baskets.

Each title in the boxed set chronicles the growth of a particular series from the renowned artist’s glass sculptures. Compact in size but not in content, each book in the collection contains more than a hundred pages of images from the series. Essays by Davira Taragin speak directly to the historical and aesthetic context out of which these series arose.

A companion DVD accompanies each book that includes artist commentary on the history of each series, all approximately 15 minutes in running time.

6½ x 6½"
112 pages, 67 color illustrations
DVD Running time: 12:57
ISBN: 978-1-57684-172-3