Chihuly Macchia

Chihuly Macchia

Using the Italian word for “spotted”, the Macchia series is a return to Chihuly’s recurring interest in the possibilities of color in glass sculpture. In discussing the impetus for this series, Chihuly said that its inception came from his desire to “use all 300 of the colors in the hotshop.” From this impulse, Chihuly designed works which test the variations of expression available in an expansive color field.

The third and final installment in the individual small book series includes Seaforms, Venetians, Macchia, and Ikebana. Experience the individuality that each of these forms demand through breathtaking photographs.

Each title in the boxed set chronicles the growth of a particular series from the renowned artist’s glass sculptures. Compact in size but not in content, each book in the collection contains more than a hundred pages of images from the series. Essays by Davira Taragin speak directly to the historical and aesthetic context out of which these series arose.

A companion DVD accompanies each book that includes artist commentary discussing the history of each series, all approximately 15 minutes in running time.

6½ x 6½"
112 pages, 76 color illustrations
DVD Running time: 15 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-57684-183-9