Chihuly Persians

Chihuly Persians

This series of works are visually fascinating with their curious old-world influence and powerful use of color. So well received, these works later contributed to the artist’s larger installations, much like the Persian Ceiling at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art or Fiori di Como at the Bellagio Resort – a 2,000-piece sculpture. This edition is illustrated throughout with handsome full-color images selected by the artist, representing a wide range of these projects.

The second installment in this small book set includes Persians, Mille Fiori, and Cylinders. Dramatically different in form, each of these series exudes an elegance all their own.

Each title in the boxed set chronicles the growth of a particular series from the renowned artist’s glass sculptures. Compact in size but not in content, each book in the collection contains more than a hundred pages of images from the series. Essays by Davira Taragin speak directly to the historical and aesthetic context out of which these series arose.

A companion DVD accompanies each book that includes artist commentary discussing the history of each series, all approximately
15 minutes in running time.

Essays by Davira Taragin, formerly the Director of Exhibitions, Racine Art Museum; Curator, The Detroit Institute of the Arts, Toledo Museum of Art.

6½ x 6½"
112 pages, 76 color illustrations
DVD Running time: 12:29
ISBN: 978-1-57684-175-4