Chihuly Pure Imagination Kate Endle Kids' Placemats

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Chihuly Pure Imagination Kate Endle Kids' Placemats

Seattle artist Kate Endle produced these wonderful illustrations, inspired by Dale Chihuly’s installations, for Chihuly Workshop’s Pure Imagination Placemats. Kate’s illustrations capture the feelings of surprise and discovery that Chihuly’s work inspires in children. Modern-Twist helped us turn each of Kate’s drawings into these fun, eco-friendly, nontoxic, and erasable placemats. Available in the following designs: Fiori, Garden, and Underwater.

Each placemat includes a free set of Modern-Twist’s nontoxic, dry-erase markers, designed to color on the silicone placemat and easily wipe or rinse away.

16" x 14" Placemat

Non-porous, Food-grade
Translucent Silicone
6 Nontoxic Dry-erase Markers